Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We sell our meats year round Monday thru Saturday. Meats are sold out of the house so please call ahead to assure someone will be there. Meat is sold year round. Tours are given by reservation only.  Please call for reservations.


What can I expect to find at Apple Orchard Farm?

Fresh all natural Angus beef and Tamworth pork; our specialty is ground beef and whole hog sausage. All of our meats are very lean and free from added antibiotics & hormones, steroids, chemical additives and animal proteins. Our award winning blue ribbon honey comes from our own hives. Our plants are raised with all natural organic fertilizers and are never sprayed.


Why is it important to support local farms?

Because today the average meal travels over 1,500 miles to reach your table, also todays farmers receive less than .25 cents for every dollar spent on food. If that wasn’t enough reason to buy straight from your local farm, NC lead the nation in the number of farms lost to development from 2004-2006.


What are the advantages to eating grass fed, hormone free beef?

1. Grass fed beef is healthier for you and your family. If you are already worried about the effects of meat on you or your family’s health, you can stop worrying! Pasture raised beef is lower in total fat than regular beef and is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

2. There is a difference in taste between grain and pasture raised beef. You’ll probably be able to taste a difference with the first bite of a grass fed beef hamburger. What you can taste is clean meat. You aren’t consuming a lot of added antibiotics and hormones.

3. Switching to grass fed beef can help to keep our environment clean. All cattle eat a lot, and all cattle make a lot of waste. Did you know there are over 90 million head of cattle in the United States? The vast majority of these live in huge feed lots, and the waste has no where to go but down. It seeps into the groundwater, finds its way into the river, and pollutes the water. In fact, animal waste has already polluted many of our waterways. In addition, the corn and grains that is used to feed grain fed beef, has been sprayed with pesticides that not only get into the animal, but harm our environment.

4. Grass fed beef is more humane to the cattle. Time is money to the average cattle rancher. Their goals are to get the cattle big and fat as fast as possible, and to make as much money as possible. How do typical ranchers speed up the process? They use grain, hormones and antibiotics liberally to move Mother Nature along.

5. Raising beef cattle on the pasture is safer meat. Why? Because they are eating a diet that was suited for their bodies.

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